Print and Play

If you want to play Memeopoly, but can’t afford $30, don’t want to wait for shipping or just want to try before you buy, we’ve released a Print & Play version of Memeopoly under a creative commons license. All you need is access to a printer (laser is best), paper, scissors or a craft knife and several hours+ to cut out the cards. Each deck requires 9 sheets of A4 paper, you can print them double sided with the backs or leave them blank.


  • Deck A
  • 52 Cards
  • A4 – 9 pages +1 (backs)
  • 17.6mb PDF


  • Deck B
  • 52 Cards
  • A4 – 9 pages +1 (backs)
  • 18.7mb PDF



Not a necessity, but may explain a few things. Rules PDF v3.9.


If you want to save yourself hours of work and have a much higher quality and longer lasting copy of the game, consider buying a professionally printed and laminated copy here.

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