How to play

Playing Memeopoly - Drawing a card

Draw a card on your turn.

Playing Memeopoly - drinking

Read the card text aloud, then do as it says.

Playing Memeopoly - next players turn

Discard the card, it’s now the next players turn.

The game ends when you run out of cards or find a special “Win” card near the end of the deck.

Playing is pretty simple, we try not to make things too complicated for drunk people. but there are several different ways to play the game depending on whether you want a fast game, an intense one or some strategic options. We recommend between 3-8 players and new players can join or leave at any point without affecting game play. Want to know more? Read on!


Cards are separated into several different types.

Purple/Hive: Everyone takes part in the card action.
Green/Action: An action or event for you as well as possibly another player.
Red/Fail: A penalty or negative ‘buff’.
Blue/Win: Penalizes others, or a positive ‘buff’.

Playing Memeopoly - different types of drinking cards


The card on the left is discarded after it is played. The right card, has a duration symbol. This one means that you play it in front of you and it remains active. You must continue to speak like a pirate, until another card discards that active card. Other cards might be usable multiple times, or last for a set number of rounds.

Playing Memeopoly - Ongoing effects

Sound like something you want to get into? You can check out the cards on our try it out page. You can buy yourself your own copy here. We also make the game available for free via print and play PDFs, so if you don’t mind spending a bit of time cutting the cards out, are broke or simply want to try before you buy, check that out as well.

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Check out the rules booklet below, (for all the nitty gritty details).