Drinking Responsibly

Yes it’s a drinking game, but that doesn’t mean we want to promote excessive binge drinking, or any of the other bad things associated with alochol, like alcohol addiction, drinking until you vomit or pass out, or to forget life.

Drinking is something I do socially with my friends,  I enjoy trying different mixers and drinks and it’s a great social lubricator and lowers inhibitions making it really easy to to make new friends, have epic adventures and do things you might never think of or feel too awkward to do normally. It’s all about how and why you drink and drinking in moderation is the best way to drink.

Memeopoly is a wee bit different to most other drinking games. Most of the games I know such as Pyramids, Ride the bus, Red or Black, even Kings tend to result in a lot of drinking fairly quickly at a fairly fast pace. Memeopoly intersperses drinking with other activities and one of the things that I like about it is that my non-drinking friends can play and enjoy themselves even without alcohol. As weird as it sounds, I don’t think a drinking game should just reply on alcohol to be fun. There needs to be something there in the first place that’s fun and then the drinking builds on that fun or sense of freedom or expression.

Memeopoly is deliberately designed to be moderate in drink penalties, most cards that do involve drinking will involve 1-2 drinks and the cards that say finish your drink are sporadic and few. We don’t recommend playing with shots, we do recommend playing the game with RTD’s, Spirits with Mixers, Beer or wine.  Make the most of it, and remember, if you can’t remember it, then how do you know you had an epic time?

Also if you drink and drive, you’re a fuckwit. There is no excuse.

Take a look at the www.cheers.co.nz website for some party and safe drinking ideas.