Please click on any of the following tabs to go directly to the page of the Willu division you are interested in. Willu is a multi channel company which focuses it's efforts in several creative and problem solving industries.

FixIT are our technical troubleshooting team. When not bending their creative energies around other projects, they are available and fully qualified and able to help you with whatever problem or challenge you're facing.

We import all kinds of things for various projects from around the world and we're making that level of experience available to you. If you're after a specialty item or just something you can't find in New Zealand shops, let us know and we'll do all we can to find out how we can get it here and how much it will be.

The design side of things, we're involved with several different projects, here are some of them.

Memeopoly has been in development for the last 3 years and is essentially a card based party game. You can see more on the home page..

If you're keen to get hold of us, please send through an email at william@willu.net
Otherwise you can reach our project manager, William Stewart on 027 2328 343.
Our offices are based in Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand.